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Frequently asked questions
and Prices

Hey there, lovely people! Here are answers to all those burning questions you frequently ask. It's not that we don't enjoy repeating ourselves, but we thought we'd gather everything in one place for the curious souls among you who might be too shy to ask, or just wondering what others usually inquire about. Dive in!

01.  Let’s start with the mother of all questions: what’s your rate?

Let's be real – the cost of our services varies greatly depending on what you need. Our price starting from 150 euros per hour for each - photographer / videographer and is minimum 7 hours coverage for this price including a 21% VAT. Drop us a line and share your exciting plans – we’d love to customize a package just for you!

02.  We don’t know if we should do our wedding in the morning or evening

Much better in the evening. Evening's light is much more flattering since the sun is not as high we can avoid hard shadows and strong contrast areas.

03. Where are you from? Do you work abroad?

Nestled near the enchanting Benidorm, known as the land of flowers, light, and love, we are a team of passionate photographers ready to capture your special moments. Whether it's for your wedding take place, we're more than happy to travel wherever your story unfolds . Just like the song says, we would walk 500 miles and 500 more just to be the photographers who journey a thousand miles to capture the magic at your door!

04. How far in advance should we hire you?

As soon as possible! To be sure that your date is available contact us as soon as possible.

What do we expect from you? Simply to be yourself and to relax! There’s really no secret to it, and it's far easier than you might imagine.

05.Will you be with us the whole day? 

We do cover all day weddings and even more then 1 day if you need us :) Drop us message to discuss your needs :)

06. How many pictures we’ll receive? Will they be edited?

A lot. Really, like A LOT. It's hard to put a number on it because it depends on every wedding, but we never heard a complain about the amount of pictures delivered. If you want an estimate number: you'll receive at least 500 pictures for a full day wedding. All of them edited one by one (adjusting exposure, color, white balance, high lights, shadows, color uniformity...), in high resolution JPG with no watermarks.

07. How long until we receive the pictures/films ?

You'll get some pictures of you two in your wedding day in less than 7 days. We know you need to see how awesome your wedding was, how beautiful you look, and also stuff for Instagram. The rest of the photographic report will be available in less than 8 weeks. You wedding film normaly is ready in about 10 weeks or less.

08. Do you take group shots?

Yessss! You haven't seen any because they are more personal pictures and not as artistic so we don't show many of them, but yes, you'll get group shots. In fact we are kinda getting used to take big group shots before we leave

09. Do you have wedding photography packages?

Yes, we do. We have few options, from small elopements to all day coverage. Our priority is to know our couple needs so in this case we are very flexible and always want to prepare offer that suits your needs.

What We Offer


This is the heart and soul of our videography. The short creative story is always about you but in many cases also a little about us. This is where you fall in love with the unexpected. We make a lot of effort and time to deliver you this fine art piece of magic.


As mentioned before we love shooting both destination wedding videography and photography and we love our couples for choosing us to document their destination weddings on film and photo. Normally we deliver between 250-650 photos depending on the package delivered on an individual gallery for you and your family to experience. There is also the possibility of requesting extra  prints and albums.


This is where you get to see how it really happened. The longer film will include more of your family, friends the venue and ceremony parts for you to fall in love with the film again and again for years to come. Usual length is about 40 minutes, but in same cases on request we produce longer films as well.


As each of our couples is different therefore our service as  destination wedding videographer of photographer for destination weddings can also differ from event to event. There is always an option of adding some extra to the packages of your choice such as:

  • drone shots

  • extra shooting day

  • extra videographer/photographer

  • extra editining

  • speeches

  • prints and albums

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