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Confetti advice & how to make your own

Updated: Jul 10

Exciting Confetti Moments on Your Wedding Day!

Get ready for the confetti line, one of the most joyous and emotional moments to capture during a wedding! It's always a blast filled with natural emotions. I'm so enthusiastic about confetti that I'm starting to believe it should be edible, especially considering how many times I've seen it end up in the mouths of the newlyweds!

Get Ready for the Confetti Fun!
  • First things first, check if your venue/church allows confetti throwing!

  • If you're good to go, find out the designated throwing areas (some venues have specific spots).

  • Once you have the green light, it's time to create your eco-friendly confetti!

  • If confetti is a no-go, don't worry, I've got some fantastic wedding confetti alternatives for you!

DIY Handmade Confetti - Let's Get Crafty!

If you have some spare time before your big day, here's how you can craft your own confetti and save some money in the process!

  1. Collect flowers from your garden or shop-bought bouquets (roses work great due to their colour variety and lovely scent).

  2. Remove the petals before they start browning (I use the deadheaded roses for my confetti).

  3. Spread the petals out to dry in an airing cupboard or sunny windowsill (avoid stacking them to speed up the drying process and prevent browning).

  4. Store the dried petals in a cool, dark place to maintain their colour.

  5. Feel free to experiment with different petals and even add dried lavender for a delightful fragrance.

  6. Repeat the process until you have a sufficient amount of beautiful handmade confetti!

newlyweds entrance under confetti shower wedding photography at Hacienda San Jose, Mijas, Spain

Exciting Alternatives to Traditional Confetti!
  1. If where you are getting married doesn’t allow confetti, here are some fun alternatives:

  • A bubble line, these are a brilliant alternative you just have to keep an eye on which way the wind is blowing

  • Doing a smoke bomb photo with the bridal party instead

  • Or opting for evening sparkler photos

  • Quick confetti tips

  • Get ready to sprinkle some magic with these quick confetti tips!

  • When it comes to confetti, remember: the more, the merrier! You'll be surprised how quickly it disappears in the air.

  • No need to stress about bags and cones - a basket filled with confetti is a simple and efficient storage solution. Guests can easily grab a handful and join in the fun!

  • Enlist your fabulous bridesmaids and groomsmen to help distribute the confetti and organize the confetti line. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  • For a winter wedding, skip the snow confetti to avoid any post-ceremony hair surprises. Let's keep the magic in the air, not in your hair!

  • Keep the celebration flowing by having the confetti line right after the ceremony. It's a fantastic way to maintain the joyful momentum of the day!

  • Dear wedding couple, take a blissful 5-minute break while the confetti line is being set up. Use this time to reconnect and savour the moment. I'll give you the signal when everything is ready!

  • As you walk through the confetti line, glide gracefully to allow your photographer to capture the magic. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

  • Why not pause for a kiss halfway through the confetti line? It's a perfect photo opportunity to capture your love in the midst of the celebration!

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